The Pen Review: Diplomat Aero

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I am a nightmare to buy gifts for. It is a fact that has been thrown at me by family and friends for years. Four years ago, my mother was struggling for a Christmas gift idea and looking for inspiration wondered into my favourite pen shop. She came out with a stunning Tortoiseshell Montegrappa Extra and a Diplomat Aero in Brown. Spoilt indeed! The Montegrappa is elegant and fine. I keep it safe in my office and use it often. The Diplomat is my workhorse. It is easy to write with, robust and reliable. It makes life easy and feels great to hold. I can pop it in my pocket or bag, take it into the workshop with confidence that it will survive an “active” day.    

Pen Review: Diplomat Aero

A little history…

Diplomat are German pen and writing implement manufacturers, designing and making pens since 1921 (the company formed in1922).

Founded in the Stuttgart area of southern Germany by a gentleman called Carl Räuchle, they started solely with fountain pen production. Diplomat is a pioneering company and became the first to introduce Germany to the ballpoint pen in the 1950s. This was a very popular product and put Diplomat firmly on the pen production map. In 1958, the company sticking to their pioneering roots, brought the modern fountain pen and ink cartridges to the German market for the first time offering a innovative, brilliant and practical alternative to the converter fountain pen of the day.

Design and Manufacture…

Diplomat pens are handmade using traditional methods and the highest quality materials available. This means that each and every Diplomat pen is made and tested (also by hand) by skilled craftsperson to an incredibly high standard. Metal is Diplomats material of choice and as such their pens are robust and stylish. All of the brand’s pens feature a stylish metal casing because over the years it has been proven time and time again that this metal is impact resistant and keeps the pens well-balanced.When it comes to Diplomats fountain pens, each of Diplomat’s fountain pen nibs is still custom made in the workshop from stainless steel and 14k gold. Diplomat nibs offer a smooth writing experience and ultimate control. Diplomat pens are well-known for their superior handling, and I imagine the skilled hands-on approach in the manufacture is a big reason behind this.

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Overview of the Diplomat Aero Fountain Pen


  • The pen looks flawless and the design is stunning (in a masculine way).
  • The Diplomat Aero is a great example of German engineering.
  • I absolutely love the Orange and Brown versions but all colours look striking.
  • The steel nib is a smooth and consistent writer. I use a medium nib and it makes writing an absolute joy.
  • This is a weighty pen and if you like that you will definitely enjoy the Diplomat Aero.
  • The pens steel body (case) makes this pen exceptionally robust.
  • Perfectly balance construction.
  • A fantastic marriage of modern and traditional leads to a unique pen design and styling.
  • The stainless steel nib, it's been tuned perfectly.


  • If you have smaller hands or generally prefer a slim pen you may find your hand grows fatigued after only a few pages of writing.
  • My Aero sports a very smooth and very wet JoWo medium. This nib might be slightly wider than optimal for some styles of writing.

The Diplomat Aero is a great choice for anyone looking for a practical fountain pen that is a consistent "good writer" and will happily go where you go. A brilliant price point for people starting with their first high quality fountain pens you won't be disappointed in your investment. 


If you are not purchasing this pen as a gift for yourself I would recommend this as a perfect gift for celebrating a first job or new job as it would be a reliable addition to a new desk. 

A gift for a student starting at University as the quality and build will mean this pen will be faithful to them into their future. It's price point won't make it stressful to own on campus or in halls, and its robust structure will mean it can withstand being thrown into a bag between lectures. It also looks cool and sleek making it ideal for a younger crowd.