Pop-up Village Shop & Takeaway

We (Roslin Catering & Mustard and Gray) want to do our bit and help ease the worry around food and assist with social distancing and self isolation at this time. We still have our supply chains open to us, so we hope to use them to supply the village with a small village shop and a takeaway two evenings a week. We are working with our suppliers and local producers to have a regular supply of fresh and store foods. We will supply the shop from our commercial kitchen in Condover.

We are setting up shop in a Gazebo on the drive and will have social distancing measures in place to ensure we keep ourselves and our community safe. We believe these rules are important and ask that everyone who comes to the shop or for takeaway respects this as we have many vulnerable people in our village.

If you struggle to get to the shop or are self-isolating, please phone us, and we can tell you what we have available that day and can arrange for delivery to your door.

We hope you are all keeping safe and well,

Ros, John and Family.

Shop online or phone for delivery
or visit our little outdoor village shop and takeaway

The Shop and takeaway are located at:

30 Harley Road, Condover, SY5 7BZ

Shop opening times are:

Monday, Wedneday and Friday 9am - 1pm*


Takeaway opening are:

Friday 5pm - 7pm

(Pre-Order strongly recommended)


Free delivery available daily to the Parish of Condover thanks to a team of local volunteers.


Village Shop

Our little village shop has been set up to help our community access food provisions in a safe and stress free way during this crisis.

You are welcome to visit the outdoor shop (strict social distancing rules apply), or please phone or prder online for free delivery in the Parish of Condover.

View our shops produce and order online here.


We are holding a takeaway service two evenings a week, on Tuesday's and Friday's from 5pm to 7pm.

We aim to change the menus for each to ensure variety. You can order for collection or delivery or you can strool down and see whats cooking.

For our schedule and menus click here

Social Distancing

To ensure this project works and if safe for our family and our community will strictly adhere to social distancing. Please respect the rules and help protect our village.

A guide to social distancing can be found here