Cambiano Everlasting Pencil - Matt Black


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Allow me to introduce a never-ending pencil and a very snazzy work of art.

Inspired by the award-winning Pininfarina Cambiano concept car of 2012, this extraordinary pencil takes several design cues from the concept, notably the sleek lines and inset wooden detailing.

Supplied in a wooden presentation box which also doubles as a decorative yet functional desk stand for the pencil.

The clever patented metal alloy tip (Ethergraf®) produces a precise, graphite-like line. The Pininfarina Segno Cambiano writes like a hard pencil, and its markings - which are lighter than a normal pencil can even be erased like a traditional pencil. Like a pencil, it works by leaving a bit of the 'lead' on the paper, but the metal alloy wears down so slowly it should last for a lifetime of use. No sharpening.

All Pininfarina Segno Cambiano pencils are made entirely by hand in Italy.

Measures 160mm long, barrel diameter ranges from 10mm at its widest to 4mm near the tip and weighs 38g.