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DYCAL is a maths-based dice game ideal as an addition to any game night.

Three dice determine the target number (between 111 and 666), and seven Dycal polyhedral dice provide the values from which is target number is to be calculated. Only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are allowed. The winner is the player who gets the closest to the target number in the 30-second countdown. It's addictive fun for all abilities.

- 2-6 players from 8 years and up
- Solitaire game for a single-player challenge.
- Two hundred games per pad - Six pads included.
- Simplify for younger children by removing one of the target dice to give a target number between 11 and 66.
- Small parts make this game unsuitable for young children

DYCAL includes:
x6 Dycal Pads
x6 Pencils
x3 Target Dice
x7 DYCAL Dice
x1 One Minute Sand Timer
x1 Instruction Booklet

Example GamePlay:

Each player has a Dycal Pad and Pencil. First, the seven polyhedral Dycal dice are thrown by one player and all players write down there values on their pads. In this example, we will say the Seven Dycal dice are: 14, 12, 6, 5, 4, 2 and the final dice shows 1, 2, 4. You can choose which number to use from the final dice as you play. Each player writes down the Dycal dice on their Dycal pad.

Next, the target dice are thrown. These are traditional dice. In this example, the dice landed showing 5, 5, 2. This would be read as five hundred and fifty- two.

When all players have written the target onto their pads the one-minute timer is turned and play begins.

I would write on my pad:

5 x 4 = 20
20 x 2 = 40
40 x 14 = 560
560 - 6 - 2 = 552

I would get a point for getting the target number within the minute timer. Any other player that also calculated 552 would also get a point. If no player gets the target number the point goes to the closest player. All players must write out their workings or forfeit the round.

Fun and addictive... be prepared to pause the game when a player is convinced they can get the target and won't move on until they try!