Magnum Fountain Pen - Burning Red


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Allow me to introduce to you the Diplomat Magnum - a rather stylish and lightweight fountain pen, with a strong metal pocket clip, ergonomic grip area and snazzy ink level window.

This is an affordable fountain pen from a fantastic maker - Diplomat - A German company that have been engineering exceptionally good writing implements since 1922.

This is a simple but interesting design, making for a very practical pen.

The Diplomat Magnum Fountain Pen uses standard short International cartridges. There is space in the barrel for a spare cartridge. The ink viewing windows mean you know in advance when you are running low on ink, and the spare cartridge means you are ready to swap out and replace the cartridge in a jiffy!

What is the Magnum John Doe? John Doe is the colour of this pen, a metallic bluey purple, that changes in the light. The Diplomat Magnum is available in a range of colours but the John Doe is a little different. Depending on how the light catches it you will see blue or purple. When you are looking at the pen, the part closest to you is a bluey colour, and the sides away catch a purply colour. But as you turn the pen around, that stays true - the blue is always facing you, and if you turn the pen away, it is all purple. I say, is not that marvellous!

134mm long capped, 125mm uncapped, 151mm posted. Weighs 12g.