Ethical Policy

At Mustard and Gary Ltd, we love our countryside, our environment, our planet and people as much as our designs. We care about the world we live in, the world that inspires us and the world that gives us, and our family, so much joy.

Environmental mission

We are continually looking for ways to reduce single-use or unnecessary plastics in our products, packaging and supply chain. We use recyclable or recycled papers and cards, and we have a strick waste policy in our office and production. We reuse whatever we can to reduce our environmental footprint. If your postage box is a little less than shiny, it doesn't detract from the quality and love that has gone into your product but save hugely on waste. 

A thoughtful supply chain

At Mustard and Gray, we select our suppliers that show high ethical standards. Each product is sourced responsibly and with care from suppliers that comply with Mustard and Gray's values. 

Employee care

Mustard and Gray is a family business. Our team, in Design, Admin and in Production are family or as good as! As well as proving wages that meet the national living wage and reasonable working hours (with plenty of jolly's), we make sure to provide the safest and hygienic working conditions and encourage employees to assist with minimising hazards and waste.