Nature Time Capsule


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This Nature Time Capsule make a cute and thoughtful children's gift. The keepsake tin includes cards to record a snapshot of childhood, including the child's favourite things and that year's events. Dreams and wishes cards for friends and family, for example, to write anecdotes, prayers or wishes. In addition, there is a memories bag and two tag cards for tying to trinkets.

Our Nature Time Capsules are a different and unique way of celebrating the first year of your precious tiny human. Ideal as a Christmas present, Christening or birthday gift.

The circus design includes a big top, majestic elephants, a cycling bear, a performing seal, a flying panda, an acrobatic cat and most importantly, a unicycling juggling mouse! 

The Mustard and Gray Nature Time Capsule comes complete with the following:

    • A Time Capsule Tin to keep trinkets safe and preserved (185x115x55mm)
    • One drawstring bag to hold precious items 
    • Twelve Dreams and Wishes Cards for your Friends and family to write down their predictions, dreams and wishes
    • Two profile and favourites cards to record details
    • Two "this year cards."
    • Two swing cards tags
    • "Tamper" Stickers to ensure the Time Capsule remains safe and complete until you have selected to open it.

Made in Britain